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Back to Basics: A 17-year law enforcement veteran goes back to basic training

Margie Hobbs is a veteran law enforcement officer with 17 years of service to the Virginia Beach Police Department, where she rose to the rank of sergeant and served as a Public Information Officer. She left the VBPD in 2016 and served six years as a PIO and recruiter for Virginia Beach Emergency Communications & Citizen Services before joining the Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office as a sworn PIO last year. Now it's time for her to go back to the Basic Academy! Follow her journey as she completes basic training for the second time in her career.

Back to Basics: Continued

Aug. 5, 2022

Welcome back to the second installment of Back to Basics! As you may recall, I was in the VBSO’s Basic Academy Class 52-22, which began training in the first week of February 2022. Each week I chronicled our progress in this blog – Back to Basics – with the goal of giving the public an inside look at our training.

At the end of week 10, I was in the middle of a defensive tactics scenario when my knee bent the wrong way and I tore my meniscus. In a split second, my journey with BAC52-22 came to an end.

After my injury in April, I continued to follow the class's accomplishments and training for the Back to Basics blog while also working with my physical therapist trying to heal my injury. It was bittersweet. I enjoyed getting to be with my class as they finished their training, but sad that I couldn’t finish and graduate alongside them. On June 1, I watched as my academy classmates graduated, the culmination of 17 weeks of hard work. I was so proud of them and have continue to see them excel in their field training at the Virginia Beach Correctional Center and at community events.

Although my knee became much stronger during physical therapy, the meniscus damage required surgery. I went under the knife in mid-June. The surgery went well, and other than a few bumps in the road, my knee is on the road to recovery. I am thankful to have two very hard-charging physical therapists who challenge me – even though it feels like torture sometimes – and have developed an aggressive rehabilitation program to prepare my knee for the requirements of returning to full duty and the rigors of academy training. My expected return to the academy was in mid-October, but due to some scheduling changes in the curriculum, my first day back will be about a month earlier.

Fast forward to Aug. 1, when the VBSO’s Basic Academy Class 53-22 gathered at the Law Enforcement Training Academy to begin their 17-week training program. Although I am still on limited duty and won’t join them until September, I wanted to observe their first day and attend introductions. I let them know about my injury, the Back to Basics blog and my hopes for graduating with them.

Due to scheduling changes in this academy, my coursework will be intermittent from the time I start in September until mid-October, when I will attend training full-time. My blog entries will be intermittent as well, and I plan to publish biweekly until I return to the academy full-time. At that point, I will resume weekly blogs until I reach the finish line.

Thank you to the academy staff for working with me and my fellow Public Information Officers (PIOs) to facilitate this blog, including coordinating photos and giving us access to physical training and classroom instruction. We are grateful for the outstanding job they do, and I hope this blog shows the quality of the training they provide our deputies. Thank you also to my PIO partners, Toni Guagenti and Kathy Hieatt, for all of the amazing work they do taking photos and editing our message to make it blog-worthy!

And lastly, thanks to you for following our academy classes through this blog and taking an interest in the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office. We exist to serve and protect you, and I hope you enjoy learning more about us and what it takes to successfully complete the VBSO Basic Academy. See you in a month!