Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office congratulates 47th Basic Academy graduates

The Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office congratulates the graduates of its 47th Basic Academy Class, recognizing 15 deputy recruits’ successful completion of training.

The recruits began their Basic Academy training on Jan. 6 and were scheduled to graduate on April 23. However, their class was disrupted when the Sheriff’s Office ceased all training programs in mid-March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The recruits returned to working in the Correctional Center, but persevered and completed their requirements for certification through the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.

“I am proud of every Basic Academy Class, but even more so of these men and women who persevered through a pandemic to complete their training and certification,” said Sheriff Ken Stolle. “Their perseverance demonstrates their commitment to protecting and serving the citizens of Virginia Beach.”

The 16-week Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office Basic Academy includes training in Virginia law, ethics, cultural diversity, firearms, defensive tactics, emergency vehicle operations and first aid. The graduates also completed rigorous physical fitness training and courses pertaining to the Sheriff’s Office various functions: Corrections, Court Transportation and Security, and Civil Process. They each successfully met the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services requirements for graduation and have earned their Jailor, Court Security and Civil Process certifications.

The deputies are assigned to the Virginia Beach Correctional Center and bring the number of active, sworn Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office deputies to 412.

The application process to become a Virginia Beach sheriff’s deputy is extremely competitive. In the 2018-2019 fiscal year, 149 people applied and 66 were hired.

Sheriff Stolle congratulated the graduates and tasked them with maintaining the high standards of the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office.

“I can think of no greater calling than to protect your community and earn its trust,” said Sheriff Stolle. “I want you to understand what I expect of you, however. I don’t expect much from you, I expect everything from you. This is a great organization and I expect you to keep it that way. I’m proud of what you have accomplished so far and I wish you a long and safe career in public safety.”

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact: Kathy Hieatt, Public Information Officer: 757.570.1923.