Virginia Department of Corrections waives annual inspection for VBSO

Sheriff Ken Stolle is proud to announce that, due to consistently exceptional performance on inspections over the past four years, the Virginia Department of Corrections has waived this year’s Life, Health and Safety inspection for the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office.

Since 2013, the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office has received scores of 100 percent on each inspection and audit conducted by the Department of Corrections. They consist of the annual Life, Health and Safety inspection and an audit every three years. The three-year audits took place in 2013 and 2016 and each resulted in 100 percent compliance scores.

The Life, Health and Safety inspections are unannounced and involve the evaluation of approximately 50 standards. The three-year audits are scheduled and evaluate approximately 160 standards. Auditors also tour and inspect the Correctional Center and interview inmates and staff. The DoC standards encompass every aspect of operations at the Virginia Beach Correctional Center, including medical care, food, security, use of force and staff training. A score of 100 percent means inspectors found zero deficiencies with any of the standards.

The Board of Corrections voted to waive the 2017 Life, Health and Safety inspection for the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office at its meeting in May.

“The waiver of this year’s inspection is a testament to the hard work of the deputies and supervisors of the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office,” said Sheriff Ken Stolle. “Not only does the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office meet every one of the standards set by the Department of Corrections, it exceeds them. At a time when jails are under intense scrutiny, the citizens and taxpayers of Virginia Beach can rest assured that their jail is run to the highest possible standard to ensure the health and safety of the inmates, the deputies and, most importantly, the public.”

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact: Kathy Hieatt, Public Information Officer: 757.570.9123.