Virginia Beach jail inmate being transferred to hospice care

Contact: Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office Public Information Office, 757-385-8446

A Virginia Beach jail inmate is being transferred to hospice care.

Jeffrey Franklin Cram

Jeffrey Franklin Cram, 49, of Norfolk, was arrested by Virginia Beach police and admitted into the custody of the Virginia Beach Correctional Center on April 4, 2021, on 11 misdemeanor and felony charges, including possession of a controlled substance and probation violations. He was denied bond by a magistrate, and a judge revoked his bond on some of his additional charges.

At the time of his admission into the Correctional Center, Cram was identified as having a terminal illness with an estimated six months left to live. The jail does not have hospice services, but made every effort to provide him with quality medical care to prolong his life and ensure his comfort. He was not eligible for compassionate release due to his bond status and outstanding detainers in Isle of Wight and Chesapeake. He reported being homeless and that his closest family lives out of state.

Due to his declining medical condition, the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office has arranged for Cram to be transferred to a local hospice facility, where he will continue to be monitored by a deputy sheriff or GPS-enabled ankle bracelet. For security purposes, the hospice location will not be disclosed. Specific information about his medical condition cannot be released because of medical privacy laws (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA).

“This is an incredibly sad and difficult situation,” said Sheriff Ken Stolle. “No one should die in jail, and our jail is ill-equipped to provide hospice care. We did everything we could for Mr. Cram and took the initiative to arrange for him to go to hospice care so that he can have a comfortable, humane end of life.”

Any questions or requests for additional information from the news media should be directed to the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office Public Information Office: pio@vbso.net or 757.385.8446.