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Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office featured on new A&E series “Booked: First Day In”

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – The Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office will be featured on a new A&E series, “Booked: First Day In”, which premiers tomorrow.

The nonfiction television show provides an exclusive look inside the Virginia Beach jail, showcases the work of its deputy sheriffs and answers the question: what happens after someone is arrested?

The first installment in the 16-episode series will air on A&E on Thursday, June 15, at 10 p.m. after “60 Days In”. The show takes place inside the Virginia Beach Correctional Center, California’s Stanislaus County Detention Center and Florida’s Flagler County Inmate Detention Facility.

The camera crew only filmed arrestees who agreed to participate in the show.

“I am incredibly proud of the work that my deputy sheriffs do every day, and I was excited for the opportunity to showcase that work to the world,” said Sheriff Ken Stolle. “It’s important that the public sees and understands what we do. This show will give viewers a greater understanding of our criminal justice system and the important role that the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office plays in public safety.”

The deputies featured on the show work in Intake (also called “booking”), where they are responsible for the safety and security of every person brought into the Virginia Beach Correctional Center. That totaled 11,347 arrests last year. Their role includes searching arrestees for drugs, weapons and other contraband; taking their fingerprints and mug shots; and, if denied bond by a magistrate, dressing them out in a jail jumpsuit.

It's a job the public never sees unless they are arrested. “Booked: First Day In” changes that.

“Transparency is the cornerstone of everything we do, so we had no qualms about giving camera crews access to our facility,” said Chief Deputy Rocky Holcomb. “We had a great experience working with the production team and are proud to show the integrity, professionalism and compassion of our deputies.”

From A&E: New non-fiction series “Booked: First Day In” follows arrested individuals through America’s booking process, offering an extraordinary look at the most unusual, bizarre and often tense bookings. Every day in America around 25,000 people are arrested and booked into jail, each one-hour episode will follow the story of an arrestee, with their permission, as they move through the system and recount what ultimately led them to their time in jail. From petty offenses to serious crimes, viewers will be taken on a harrowing adventure while they watch the arrestees throughout the booking process. Join the conversation by following @AETV and by using #Booked.

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